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The Future ‘Trade War’ Is Digital:It’s Here And It’s Hidden

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Limited Space Available for the Masters Academy Start 2021 Off in The Recovering Economy Based on your Digital Business Strategy to Implementation Roadmap

‘‘We’ve developed a globally connected team across 5 continents and developed the BlockCerts blockchain to reinvent SaaS Technology for digital business. We built a 100% virtual decentralized business model where teams and clients collaborate across time zones .... our mission is to show other companies how we did it so they can too!’’

Business Leaders Program

The Only Blockchain for Business Leaders Program

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The Digital Business Transformation That Ends With a Live Platform Long before COVID we were creating and operating cutting-edge digital business models with our patented Secure
Virtual Space technology.
Tim Vasko

Online Training and Blockchain Master Academy

Tim is a recognized authority around the world. Driven through expertise and experience in TrustEnomics, Tim shares how to create digital businesses and leverage the power of technology to build the power of global teams, engage markets and work with governments in this rapidly created fully digital world.

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Ground - Breaking Insights - Immediate Solutions

Live coaching from a blockchain visionary and successful entrepreneur who changed his business model to compete in “The fourth industrial revolution”.
A review of the massive move toward distributed, decentralized business and the digital financial systems including:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate, Land and Title Registry.
  • An understanding of blockchain, the knowledge, the road map ahead, and the practical objectives to plan how the distributed ledger technology for private and public blockchain economics is structured for today and the future of digital economics.
  • Collaborate with the leaders in the blockchain industry to give you a fair advantage!
Corporate, Land and Title Registry

You’ll Not Just Discover Digital Your Model Will BE DIGITAL
Ready to Launch in Your Market and With Your Teams

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Look at What Leading Consulting Companies are Saying

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“The business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025, and then it will exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030”.


“The question for executives is no longer, "Will blockchain work?" but, "How can we make blockchain work for us?"


"Tech hubs forging new paths to outpace the competition”


Inside Knowledge from Connections Around the Globe During
TheMulti-Trillion Dollar Economic Shift To Digital
About the Blockchain

(And Why You Need to Be Ahead of it!)